I am an AFOL

I am an AFOL

I am an AFOL


It took me a while before I dared to confess and it is certainly not easy for me, but the time is now. Many of you already knew it and in a closed circle I certainly never denied it, but now but now I openly confess to it:

I am an AFOL!

Now you will probably wonder a number of things and the first question will probably be: What is an AFOL for God’s sake? If I write down out the abbreviation, a lot probably is already clear. AFOL stands for Adult Fan Of LEGO.¬† A sigh of relief is now clearly audible to the average reader. So it is not all that bad? That’s right! As with many other hobbies, there is also a kind of mutual language among adult Lego builders. And if you say you are an AFOL, you are actually saying that you are just as a nerd as he is. Because that is a thing: 9 out of 10 AFOLs are real meganerds including glasses, pale skin and often very bad clothes. Cool AFOLs that I have come across can be counted on one hand.

What does that mean, being an AFOL?

That is very difficult to explain. Many people think that I am working with LEGO day in and day out and that I like everything that has to do with the Danish brick. That is not true! I hate Technical LEGO, girls LEGO is only useful if you need a pink stone or a horse. Star Wars LEGO is fun to watch, but that does not matter to me that much.

I prefer the standard LEGO that we all know. LEGO where you can build a beautiful city. And that is really the only thing I do with it: building. You will usually not see me playing with the structures that I make. Building houses, cars, streets and trains gives me time to be busy with nothing else. Just empty my head for a few hours.

Furthermore, I find the collection of exclusive LEGO sets a very pleasant challenge. LEGO is already expensive, but here you sometimes have to go all out and spend a few hundred Euros. An exclusive edition of the Eiffel Tower has already changed hand for about 1200 Euro and a simple replica of a Volkswagen Beetle is good for about 500 Euro.

That’s a bit ambitious to me, but you have to start somewhere, but it is something to look forward to. For those who have seen “The LEGO Movie”, I dream of having my own basement or shed full of LEGO where I can build and play together with my children.

Think of me

Another advantage of being AFOL is that every one you know will think of you when the subject hits¬† LEGO. This produces the best conversations and sometimes even gifts! Gifts from colleagues who have been on holiday to a foreign country, to a colleague who goes for petrol a lot at Shell’s, they are all in my closet.

If you are in my living room you can also secretly see it a bit. In a large sideboard there are a few small LEGO sets and a pirate ship and on the dining table there are a few “half-saps”. Through the whole house you will find minfigs and in my bedroom you will stumble across two large 120 liter Curve branches filled with LEGO.

The question I had to answer the most negative is whether I have ever been to LEGOLAND. Unfortunately, it has never come this far and is high on my wish list. Now to find a traveling companion who does not irritate the seemingly childish character of this amusement park. Maybe I can get Fleur this far;)

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Ik ben een AFOL
Ik ben een AFOL
Ik ben een AFOL
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